• Vicky

Men and Yoga

I often hear the words, “My husband/boyfriend would love yoga, but I just can’t get him to try it”.

There seems to be a gender imbalance in many yoga classes. I have quite a few men in my classes, but the split is never 50/50.

I have been wondering why this is. Why don’t more men practice yoga in the West? After all, it was almost exclusively men who practiced way back at the beginnings of yoga.

Do men not need the benefits that yoga can bring? Do men have other activities that build strength, improve flexibility and help to develop a calm and balanced mind?

I do not know the answer to this, but something I read this week made me consider how more men practicing yoga might be a small part of a solution to a very serious problem.

The statistic I read was that the leading cause of death in the UK for men under 45 was suicide. Sadly, this is not just the pattern in the UK, it is a worldwide issue.