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Online Classes

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Online Class passes are the easiest way to access my Online Wednesday 6pm classes.

I offer a range of discounted passes to suit your needs. Once you have purchased your pass, you can book classes or request videos here.

1 Class Pass - £12


5 Class Pass - £45 (use within 5 weeks of your first class/recording)

10 Class Pass - £85 (use within 10 weeks of your first class/recording)

15 Class Pass - £125 (use within 15 weeks of your first class/recording)

I have a few subsidised or free class places reserved for those who have challenges meeting basic needs such as shelter & food, have no access to savings, rarely buy new and do not regularly partake in buying coffee out, eating out, going on holiday and to events.


If you would like to claim a free or subsidised place pop me a text/whatsapp quoting MYCLASS or an email by clicking here, letting me know what date class you would like to attend and I will send you the link.

This system operates on an honesty basis, no questions asked​, but if you can make a donation towards the cost of your space, choose your level of electronic donation here.

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