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Useful Information About Classes

Arrival time

  • Please make sure you come to the venue or Zoom meeting in good time to be ready to start the class, as late arrivals cannot be let in once the class starts

Health questionnaire and subsequent changes or injuries

  • To make sure you are as safe as possible in class, please ensure your Online Class Health Screening or my In-Person Class Health Screening has been complete and please inform me of any changes since you filled it in. I will ask at the beginning of each class if there are any changes, but you are welcome to email me or speak to me before the class starts.

  • Please ensure that you have handy any medication you may need during the class (inhalers for asthma etc.)

Singing Bowl and flowers

What to wear

  • During a yoga class, we try to move every part of our bodies. It is best if you wear clothing that allows for free movement. Some people prefer to wear leggings, others prefer looser clothing for comfort. As long as you can move in it, it is suitable

  • Classes are usually taken barefoot, as this helps to ensure good contact with your mat, which means you will not slip. Being barefoot also helps to improve balance

  • It is advisable to have extra layers, such as a jumper and socks or a blanket to use during relaxation as our bodies experience a drop in temperature as we start to relax. Feeling warm and comfortable is conducive to fully relaxing.

Eating before the class

  • In yoga we twist from side to side, sometimes even turn upside down, and bend forward and backward. If you have not fully digested your last meal, you may experience some discomfort.

  • Please try to avoid eating a meal for about 2 hours before class. If you have a fast-acting digestive system and are afraid you might get hungry or feel weak during yoga class, experiment with a light snack such as yogurt, a few nuts, or juice about 30 minutes to an hour before class.


What you will need

  • A yoga mat or large towel, a yoga block or thick book, a strap/belt/tie, a blanket, sometimes we also use a chair

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What to expect from a class

  • Yoga is for everyone and most of a class for beginners will have never been to a yoga class before. Yoga is not about getting your body into impossible positions or just for those who are really flexible! Yoga focuses on using your breath to make space in the body to perform controlled movements.

  • Classes follow a general pattern, starting with a few quiet moments to ‘let go’ of the day and focus on the breath. There is then a warm-up phase, which consists of gentle movements to warm up all parts of the body. When the body is ready, the yoga poses begin.

  • I will talk you through each pose and demonstrate, there may be variations so you can find the right version for your body. I will guide you through verbally how to perform the pose yourself.

  • The last phase is relaxation, where you will lay or sit on your mat and I may take you through a short visualisation or some other relaxation magic. Some say this is the best part of the class!

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