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Yoga for Mental Health

This collection of 8 specially designed 30 minute online sessions draw on traditional yoga practices and contemporary Psychology - practices that can help us to look after our mental wellbeing. 

Each session incorporates breathwork, gentle mindful movement and relaxation. With a focus on accessibility, this class isn't that physcial, so it's perfect if you prefer to practice seated on a chair.

There have been numerous studies investigating the mental health benefits of different aspects of yoga. Many of these have found that yoga may be helpful in,
- Boosting dopamine levels (a brain chemical linked to pleasure and happiness)
- Boosting serotonin levels (a brain chemical that is thought to regulate anxiety,    happiness and mood)
- Easing feelings of depression
- Lowering stress hormones in the body
- Reducing feelings of stress
- Easing feelings of anxiety
- Coping with feelings of overwhelm
- Improving sleep quality
Eight 30 minute sessions are available to rent as an On-Demand Collection  of recordings, so you can practice at a time that suits you - early morning, lunch break or evening. Rent them at £5 per class.
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