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Yoga for Mental Health

This collection of 8 specially designed 30 minute online sessions draw on traditional yoga practices and contemporary Psychology - practices that can help us to look after our mental wellbeing. 

Each session incorporates breathwork, gentle mindful movement and relaxation. With a focus on accessibility, this class isn't that physcial, so it's perfect if you prefer to practice seated on a chair.

There have been numerous studies investigating the mental health benefits of different aspects of yoga. Many of these have found that yoga may be helpful in,
- Boosting dopamine levels (a brain chemical linked to pleasure and happiness)
- Boosting serotonin levels (a brain chemical that is thought to regulate anxiety,    happiness and mood)
- Easing feelings of depression
- Lowering stress hormones in the body
- Reducing feelings of stress
- Easing feelings of anxiety
- Coping with feelings of overwhelm
- Improving sleep quality
Eight 30 minute sessions are available to rent as an On-Demand Collection  of recordings, so you can practice at a time that suits you - early morning, lunch break or evening. Rent them at £5 per class.
Use the SELFCARE50 at theof checkout to get 50% discount until the end of November!

I have a few subsidised or free class places reserved for those who have challenges meeting basic needs such as shelter & food, have no access to savings, rarely buy new and do not regularly partake in buying coffee out, eating out, going on holiday and to events.


If you would like to claim a free or subsidised place pop me a text/whatsapp quoting MYCLASS or an email by clicking here, letting me know what date class you would like to attend and I will send you the link.

This system operates on an honesty basis, no questions asked​, but if you can make a donation towards the cost of your space, choose your level of electronic donation here.

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