• Vicky

Guest blog post - Men and Yoga (Part 2) by Marc

I have a secret for you. One that will improve your ability in work and play. If you play sport, it will certainly increase your ability, whatever your chosen sport. Improved speed, balance, motivation and focus, just to name a few things.

But here’s the best bit…it won’t just benefit you physically, but you will see just as much if not more in an improvement in your mental ability.

We’ve all been there…We’ve all felt the pressure when placing the golf ball on the tee, or lining up that tricky but hole winning put on the 18th green. If golf is not your thing, then you may have felt it when putting the football on the penalty spot for that all important, much needed goal.

At work the deadline is looming and you can’t see the wood through the trees, with so much to get done. That vitally important presentation for the Board, which will make or break your chances at getting that promotion you’ve been working so hard for.