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Dedicated to my Inspirational Yoga Teacher and Friend

I started yoga in 2008, when I went to a class at the gym where I was a member. The teacher was softly spoken and very welcoming. I became a regular attendee, drawn by the yoga but also by Clare’s gentle and humorous style of teaching.

Clare and I became friends and always had a good chat after lessons about yoga, music, tennis, our pets, TV shows and our lives in general. We met up outside class and went for walks, which almost always ended in stopping for tea and cake or an ice cream.

Clare took a break from teaching yoga due to being unwell, but we kept in contact and still went for walks with my dog, who also loved her. Just over a year ago, when we met up, I told her of my intention to train as a yoga teacher. She was delighted for me and was so encouraging and helpful.

I had finished my Diploma the last time we met up. Two yoga teachers together had short walk and a chat while sitting my car. Clare had not given up hope of recovery, despite her treatment being stopped.

Clare managed to balance the philosophy and science of yoga with her own personal Catholic beliefs. Clare passed away in January this year. I am certain, due to her kindness and amazingness as a person, she will have gone to the Heaven she believed in.

Clare was an inspiration to me, as a yoga teacher and as a person and friend. I will be forever grateful.

All proceeds from classes on Wednesday 14th June will be donated to Cancer Research UK.

Opening my heart to whatever may come....Fish Pose

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