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Things I have stopped doing

I am unsure about writing a blog that is about me. I am not sure who would want to know ‘stuff’ about me and what I do, but after a conversation last night with some of my lovely yoginis, they convinced me that maybe people would be more interested in little ol’ me than I thought. So here goes…

There are several things that I have stopped doing. I know this sounds a little strange, as people usually blog about things they have started doing, but I guess that sometimes stopping is just as important as starting.

As you may know, if you read my first blog entry, I stopped being a school teacher. Not going back to school in September did not feel as odd as I thought it might. So far, this stopping has been very positive. It is still early days, but I am glad I made the decision and now look forward to every week rather than just half term!

Shampoo bar and Apple Cider Vinegar rinse

In March, I stopped using conventional shampoo and conditioner. Nope, I am not going full on stinky, but I have swapped to using a shampoo bar made of just oils and a hair rinse made of a little apple cider vinegar, water and a few drops of essential oil, patchouli is my usual choice. After reading about the ingredients that make up what most people put on their hair, I decided to find an alternative. Another bonus of a shampoo bar is that there is not plastic bottle, which means less waste. The one I use is also a body wash, so one bar in the shower is great – less bathroom clutter. Additionally, it can go in your hand luggage on a flight without needing to be in a plastic bag for security. I use a Funky Soap hair and body bar.

About four years ago I gave up tampons. Many people don’t realise that even though they say you can flush them, they all get ‘sieved’ out and put onto landfill – you can probably start to notice an anti-waste theme developing here. I bought a menstrual cup many years ago, but never persevered with using it. After a chat with a friend, who had started using one, I decided to give it another go. I bought myself a new one and spent the next few months learning to use and trust it. What a fool I was not doing this years ago when I bought my first one! Once you get the hang of it, it is so much better than other methods. It can be left in for up to 12 hours, it is comfortable, safe and reusable! This saves waste and money . . . what is there not to love? I am evangelical about them and have friends who have tried one and never looked back too! I use a Mooncup and a Lunette.

I have stopped having caffeine after midday. I haven’t noticed a difference though.

I have stopped using hormonal contraceptives and learned so much about how my body works in the process by using Natural Cycles. I am now properly geeky about my body rhythms! If you want to give it a go, click here for 30% off!

As far as possible, I have stopped using household cleaners that are not eco-friendly and try to use ones that refillable. I also use a steam cleaner which is chemical free.

I have stopped buying water in plastic bottles that contain BPA and use a stainless steel bottle that can be refilled from the tap that my cousin bought me back from a trip to New York..

I have stopped using disposable wipes. I bought some reusable bamboo squares and pop them in the wash after each use. They can take off make up, wash armpits, face, feet, bottoms….

I have stopped using face wash. I got occasional spots before and still do, but my skin isn’t getting as oily or dry where it used to. Just using water and a little olive oil to take off eye make up seems to be enough.

I few years ago I stopped buying things that contained non-sustainable palm oil. Palm oil is in so many foods, cosmetics and other products. Co-op and Waitrose own brands only use sustainable palm oil – so I can still eat biscuits!


I have stopped using disposable plastic cutlery and straws. I carry a reusable spork and stainless-steel straw in my bag for when the need arises.

When I was 11, I stopped eating meat. I still don’t eat meat.

In March, I stopped drinking cows' milk and switched to unsweetened soya milk in my tea and coconut milk in my porridge. It tastes better.

In July last year, I stopped having sugar in my tea.

I have stopped tying my hair back when I sleep. I am not sure why, but I have and it is comfortable.

It is easy to accept things as the ‘norm’ when they are habits or it is what everyone else does or it is all that we have ever known. I find myself questioning things, asking if there is a different way or a better way which will have less impact on our world around us.

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