Online Membership

If you are a class member, you automatically have access to my Members Area goodies. 
If joining one of my classes is not possible, you now have the option to become an Online Member. This will give you access to all the same audio and video goodies as class members, all for £8 per month - the price of just one class!
You can even have a trial month for a bargain price of £5, to see if it is your kind of 'thing'.
New content will be added weekly. Content is varied, from guided audio relaxation and videos of mini classes to in depth pose tutorials and sequences targeting specific areas of the body. There is also a section containing music playlists suggestions to enhance your home yoga practice. I will also be taking requests! See my taster clip below for a sample.
Becoming an Online Member is easy, just click the button! 
Clip from 35 Minute Mini Class
You can cancel you Online Membership at any time